One Coating for all surfaces

Hybrid Crystal Coating is a professional grade coating range that lasts for upto 2 years, offering superior protection from chemical etching caused by environmental impacts.


Protection Against

UV & Sun Rays

Tree Sap

Acid Rain

Hydro - Carbons

Bird Lime

Solvent & Chemicals

We have Quality Products

Hybrid Ceramic Coating

Made from Carbon Nano Tubes

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Hybrid Graphene Coating

Made from Pure Graphene

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Obisidian Graphene Wax

Made from Graphene Particle

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Meet Our Company

Hyper Layer

Hyperlayer was established in 2019 with an idea of developing a new technology for the detailing industry and we are brought up with one of the strongest and most versatile material on earth called the Graphene technology, developed to protect and maintain vehicles and machines.

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