Meet Our Company

Hyperlayer was established in 2019 with an idea of developing a new technology for the detailing industry and we are brought up with one of the strongest and most versatile material on earth called the Graphene technology, developed to protect and maintain vehicles and machines.

Using nanotechnology, we have achieved exactly the same. Designing on a molecular level makes it possible to enhance and change the properties of our surface protection products in a way which wasn't possible with the technology being used all this while in the said category.

In 2020 we launched our first few products under protection and maintenance series. These were developed in the past 2 years with the expertise of some of the elite chemists in the field. By shifting our focus on using modern and sustainable raw materials has been a salient feature to achieve the over the top functioning and quality in our products.

Protection Against

UV & Sun Rays

Tree Sap

Acid Rain

Hydro - Carbons

Bird Lime

Solvent & Chemicals